School Snapshot, Edgewood Intermediate School, 6153

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School Snapshot
 Edgewood Intermediate School   Grades: 03-05
 7600 W Reeves Rd   Schedule: Year Round Classes
 Bloomington, IN 47404-0000   Locale: Rural, inside MSA
 Phone: (812) 876-2219   Fax: (812) 876-2269   Corporation: Richland-Bean Blossom C S C, 5705
 Accreditation Status: Full Accreditation   Homepage
 Enrollment 2009-10: 567   
 AYP Results
 Public Law 221 Category Placements
   Mrs Debra Ferree
   Teacher Roster
   Administrator Roster
   Certified Nonteaching Roster
   2009-10 Average Teacher Salary: $53,405
   2009-10 Average Teacher Age: 43 yrs

ISTEP+ Percent Pass both English/LA and Math (All Tested Grades)

     Attendance Rate
     ISTEP English/LA Grade 3
     ISTEP English/LA Grade 4
     ISTEP English/LA Grade 5
     ISTEP Math Grade 3
     ISTEP Math Grade 4
     ISTEP Math Grade 5
     ISTEP Science Grade 5
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