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School Snapshot
 Signature School Inc   Grades: 09-12
 610 Main St   Schedule: Modified Block
 Evansville, IN 47708-1417   Locale: Mid-size City
 Phone: (812) 421-1820   Fax: (812) 421-9189   Corporation: Signature School Inc, 9315
 Accreditation Status: Charter, Accredited   Homepage: http://www.signature.edu
 Enrollment 2009-10: 303   
 Graduates 2008-09: 53   2009 Graduation Rate 96.4%
 AYP Results
 Public Law 221 Category Placements
 Four Star School  
 Blue Ribbon School 2007-08   
   Ms Jean Hitchcock
   Teacher Roster
   Administrator Roster
   Certified Nonteaching Roster
   2009-10 Average Teacher Salary: $47,221
   2009-10 Average Teacher Age: 45 yrs

ISTEP+ Percent Pass both English/LA and Math (All Tested Grades)

     ACT Composite Score
     ACT, Percent of 12th Graders Taking
     Advanced Placement, Pct Taking
     Advanced Placement, Pct of Exams 3 or Above
     Attendance Rate
     Diplomas, Percent Core 40
     Diplomas, Percent Honors
     Graduates Pursuing College Education, Percent
     Graduation Rate 4 Year or Less
     ISTEP English/LA Grade 10
     ISTEP English/LA Grade 9
     ISTEP Math Grade 10
     ISTEP Math Grade 9
     SAT Composite Score College-Bound Seniors(Verbal+Math)
     SAT Critical Reading
     SAT Mathematics
     SAT Writing
     SAT, Percent of 12th Graders Taking
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